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Goth Princess
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DawnAvril Face Is your mind your enemy? It is when you're with me. I want you to lose yourself completely when you watch me pleasure myself. Your little goth princess is here just to torture your mind. You're obsessed now, forever. Your best nightmare.I think my mind is often my enemy, so I want you to go there with me. Forget about everything else in your life but me for right now.

In this set I tease you until I have you right where I want you. Moving my body around to the music and touching myself in all the ways you wish you could. Sliding my hands up my lacy black thigh highs all the way up to my pussy.

I love the way my body looks caged up in a corset and star bra with an open back thong with little flowers right in my ass. I bet you wish you could stare at those flowers and blow you load right on my asshole.

You can. After you watch me cum here, you can watch this video ↡ and imagine that it's you when blow your load all over my ass. Click the pic below

This video is exclusive to my OnlyFans page. It's 14 minute long personal porn video that phil-flash took with his phone AFTER we shot this set. I love hot cum on my asshole!
Goth Princess

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