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January 15, 2015

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Feb. 21, 2014

Your Daily Girls
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Feb. 14, 2013

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Welcome to my site...

Hi!! Welcome to my dungeon! You're entering the world of a hot rocker chick that likes to play around :)

I'll do almost anything.. ALMOST... no one cup bullshit. HAHA! I love teasing you by teasing myself. I like fucking myself, fucking phil-flash, and kissing hot chicks... or fucking them.. whatever. I'm addicted to Phil's cock.

I also cater to some fetishes! I love showing off my pretty little feet, bare, socked, heeled, hosed... all things feet, I even suck my cute little toes sometimes. I've got a few fetishes of my own that no one really knows about.. Soooo take a little walk with me while I explore all of the dirty little things that secretly turn me on :)

Phil-Flash and I never ever leave the house without at least one camera, and I'm a camera whore, while he is a passionate photographer, so you get to see the insanely random, silly, sexy, and personal private side of me.. along with the crazy story behind it! Writing is one of my favorite things to do.. especially when it's about myself hahahaha... I write blogs with exclusive personal pictures and videos. On the next page of this tour, you'll see what I'm talking about! I actually put a real blog from my member's area up to give you a little taste of what's inside!

Don't miss my camshows! I adore all of you boys that come and spend hours with me! I have so much fun, I'm usually drinking (shhhh!), and everyone knows that a sex crazed drunk girl on live webcam is a sight to see! My cam shows always run over time. The guys usually wait until I'm pretty tipsy to start telling me what to do... and I'll fucking do it too! I will always have a little stripper in me and it always comes out when I'm drinking. I pole dance, booty dance, pop my ass, and slither around on the floor like a little sexy snake! I'm horny every second of the day, and can't keep my hands off of myself... And of course, Phil-Flash loves to torture me, and dominate me for all of you boys... which REALLY fucking makes my panties wet! I hope you'll come party with me soon <3

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